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3-21’s Client, Pentec Health, Inc. Acquires ZOIA Pharma

Columbia, MD (July 18, 2023) – Three Twenty-One is pleased to share that its client, Pentec Health, Inc. (“Pentec”), has completed its acquisition of ZOIA Pharma (“ZOIA”). Three Twenty-One acted as Pentec’s exclusive buy-side advisor in this transaction.

Pentec is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Relief Therapeutics for the PKU GOLIKE the first prolonged-release, phenylalanine (Phe)-free medical foods for the dietary management of PKU for both children and adults. PKU, a rare inherited metabolic condition, requires lifelong management. Pentec's acquisition ensures that ZOIA Pharma's customers can access this unique medical food, which is formulated to mimic natural proteins while addressing common patient concerns associated with medical foods, such as gastrointestinal (GI) upset, unpleasant flavor, aftertaste, and bad breath.

About 16,500 people are living with PKU in the U.S., according to the National PKU Alliance. PKU is a genetic condition that prevents the body from breaking down Phe, which helps build protein in the body. Adherence to a specialized low-protein diet is essential to prevent behavioral issues, developmental delays, and severe intellectual disability. The diet requires supplementation of amino acid-based medical foods to prevent protein deficiency and enhance metabolic regulation. Following the diet is challenging, therefore, ensuring access to a variety of medical foods is critical to improve adherence, particularly for children.

“Working together, Pentec, ZOIA Pharma and Relief Therapeutics are helping to solve problems in the rare disease world to improve the health of people with these conditions,” said Matthew Deans, president and chief executive officer of Pentec. “We are an extension of the family’s care team and the combination of ZOIA’s expertise in medical foods and Pentec’s ability to support expanded coverage across Medicaid and other private insurance plans, increases availability, which is vital for patient access and adherence.”

“The combination of Pentec and ZOIA Pharma is one of the most consequential developments in the past decade for the distribution of medical foods,” said Chris Wick, U.S. country lead at Relief Therapeutics. “The expanded reach and capabilities will enable us to serve more patients in the PKU community with PKU GOLIKE for years to come.”

Pentec’s acquisition of ZOIA Pharma and its selection as the exclusive distributor for PKU GOLIKE illustrate Pentec’s transformation into a Complex Care Provider. Rooted in a legacy of delivering top-tier patient-specific compounded medications and nutrition therapies, delivered by highly trained and skilled nurses, pharmacists, and dietitians. Pentec is supported by a dedicated patient services team that removes barriers to care.


About Pentec Health

Pentec Health is dedicated to solving and simplifying intricate care challenges to fulfill the needs of patients and healthcare providers. Grounded in empathy, technical expertise, and clinical collaboration, Pentec offers distinctive solutions that yield outstanding outcomes. Through established delivery models, Pentec minimizes administrative burdens and improves outcomes, fostering relationships built on trust. Pentec Health serves more than 11,000 patients living with complex medical conditions, with care administered nationwide by a team of over 350 clinicians.


About Three Twenty-One Capital Partners

Three Twenty-One Capital Partners is headquartered in the Baltimore-Washington Metro area, with offices in Colorado, Florida, and New York. Three Twenty-One Capital Partners specializes in providing investment banking services to family and founder-led businesses in the lower middle market. Three Twenty-One Capital Partners’ team has completed engagements with over $15 billion in transaction value. Further information is available at 




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